We support eye clinics

Vi stödjer ögonkliniker i Himalaya

What can you do with two cubic metres of overstocked sunglasses? Sell them cheap at a flea market? Dump them at the nearest recycling centre? Or is there some better use? Over the course of a quarter century of “shading”, the Velodrom warehouse had accumulated some glasses that had passed their best-by date. It was time for spring cleaning. We ended up with twenty odd cartons the size of suitcases stacked on top of each other. In total over 7,000 pairs of glasses.

At high altitude in the Himalaya, the air is thin and eye diseases caused by UV rays are common.  The Swedish NGO Individuell Människohjälp (IM) supports eye clinics, some of them in Nepal, that help locals with these ailments. One preventive measure is good sunglasses. What better use could there be for Velodrom’s surplus stock?

We gave the whole lot to IM, and Velodrom glasses are now provided to people in the Himalaya who have undergone surgery at IM-financed clinics in Kathmandu and elsewhere. Some of the glasses were also given as gifts to local employees, a few of whom can be seen in the picture above.

Read the article in IM:s magazine Medmänsklighet (Swedish only) or visit IM via banner below.