About us


My name is Björn. I am the creator of Velodrom – the popular brand of sport glasses. This is how it happened.

The idea of designing special bikers’ glasses came to me after I grew fed up with bad motorbike glasses. I was sick of dust in my eyes, terrified by too dark lenses and impaired peripheral vision, tortured by headaches caused by thick frames pinching under the helmet, and plagued by chronic running eyes. A biker since 1975 (I bought my first motorbike at 16), I had tried every model sold – from expensive High Street optician models down to the cheap stuff you might find at a petrol station. None of these glasses cured the wretched terrors of discomfort and bad visibility. Many of them didn’t even look good.

Speaking with the Chinese

I didn’t want to wear goggles all the time. I wanted glasses that offered comfort and safety, and I wanted to look smart. So in 1988, I finally decided to do something about it. I was living in Taiwan at the time. Taiwan is one of the busiest centres of the world’s sunglass production. I took the opportunity to sit down with the manager of one of the best companies in Taipei and discuss my problem (in Chinese of course, as I was fluent in those days).

The result is the Velodrom line of Biker Shades and Sport Glasses.  All frames are made of flexible material. From the beginning I used nylon, but I have since shifted to a new material called Grilamid TR-90 that is used by several well-known makers of sport glasses. Velodrom glasses are very durable.

No pain, but a lot of gain

The lenses of all Velodrom sunglasses are dark enough to shield out the strongest sun, but still light enough to give acceptable visibility in tunnels or dark avenues, in bad weather conditions or at dusk. Velodrom was, however, one of the first brands that offered yellow high-definition lenses as an alternative with all its frames. All lenses offer 100% UV protection, of course.

There are no metal nose pieces or other sharp objects that could be dangerous. I have taken into consideration the fact that the glasses are an important part of a rider’s personal protection equipment.

No frills, just what bikers need

I want all the models to be modern classics in their own right. Every new model that is taken into the collection is developed and examined thoroughly in tests and evaluations.

And if you lose or trash your Velodroms, you can console yourself with the fact that the price is right. (Imagine if you’d sat on your Ray-Bans!)