Velodrom is a line of sunglasses and protective eyewear for outdoor sports. With a unique combination of ergonomic design and clever material choices, we have created a recipe for glasses that give you safety, comfort and style at a bargain price.

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Our philosophy

Our products are made with a distinctive philosophy. We take part in action sports ourselves. We know what it takes.

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At sea

Velodrom glasses are perfect for sport and leisure at sea. Our brown and yellow lenses efficiently filter out glitter and glare, making it easier to see both instruments and the seabed when it gets shallow. If your near vision is flagging and your charts and GPS screen are blurred – try our bifocal glasses. They […]

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Hector with bifocal lenses

Last year’s successful newcomer Hector is now available with bifocal lenses, yellow or brown +1.50.

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